Urgent Help:

Sometimes, bad things happen to good computers. Without proper backups, redundancy, or recovery plans, you can find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place. IT Factor offers many "Urgent Care" solutions to help solve your IT Problems. As a BBB (Better Business Bureau) Member, with no history of complaints and a high satisfaction rating, you can put your trust in our company to give you expert service, courteous technicians, and prompt services.


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Services Provided:

Data Recovery

Hard Drive failure without proper backups is the worst thing to happen to your data! IT Factor will attempt to retrieve as much data as possible from your defective drive(s), whether it is a single hard drive, RAID set, and SCSI Drives. IT Factor can't guarantee a partial or full recovery as there are many factors that can prevent us from recovering data, but we do give FREE evaluations to give you an estimated "Success Rate".

Network Recovery

When your network fails, your entire system seems useless. No access to shared files, no internet, no database access! IT Factor understands the severity of this and will work fast to get you back up and running. Whether it is a problem with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), or your own networking equipment, IT Factor will be there to help you through the entire process.

Computer Virus Removal

When a computer becomes infected, the best thing you can do is shut it down. The longer an infected PC/Server stays online, the more harm is done to your files by the virus. IT Factor will completely remove the virus infecting your system, as well as provide you a full protection antivirus software that will continually monitor your system and block potentionally harmful websites from opening on your computer. Unlike other IT Companies, we fix the problem correctly the first time without performing any "Destructive" repairs, such as reformatting.


Down System Emergency

IT Factor knows how important it is to have a functional system, and when it becomes degraded to a non-functional point, it becomes unbearable! This could be a network, power, hardware, or software related probelm. IT Factor places Down System Emergencies at the highest priority and will shift other appointments to help get your system up ASAP. With a full evaluation, we will determine what the problem is, what caused the problem, and quickly rectify the situation.

Database Repair

A software database handles thousands of "transactions" per day. Sometimes these transactions could fail, be placed in the wrong table, or not have proper access to write to the database structure. This could possibly corrupt or bring your database offline. IT Factor will repair and maintain your database and correct any issue within such database to prevent future failures.

Retaliation Reversal

Retaliation in the computer world is not uncommon. Whether it is an ex-employee, friend, or spouse. IT Factor can reverse most software and hardware related damages performed to a computer or cellular device. This includes; Data destruction, virus attacks and physical damage.