Nationwide Services:

The Internet is a wonderful tool that allows us, as a company, to be able to offer services all across the USA. This includes standard repair services as well as advanced business services. Our service desk technicians are available at all times to accept your support requests! As a BBB (Better Business Bureau) member with an A+ rating, put your faith in us to perform the job right the first time. We offer FREE estimates for your repairs This way you know what the problem is, what it will take to fix it, and the cost of the repairs before any work is performed.


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Services Provided:

Remote Repair Services
Utilizing special propriatary software, IT Factor can remotely access your computer system by simply sending a link to your e-mail address. With this software, we can view, control, repair and install software without having to pysically be there. If your computer won't boot up, we will perform a phone consultation to diagnose and give you our best recommendations as to what the problem is.
Consultation Services
IT Factor has established partnerships with many companies such as Dell, HP, Microsoft, Adobe and Nuance. If you are considering a large change/upgrade of your entire network, or a major software purchase, let IT Factor assist you by helping your business gather all the information needed to make a formal purchase.
IT Project Management

Do you have a large scale project coming up and not sure what to do? Most medium and large businesses have the need of intricate IT systems that have very low downtime and high redundancy. IT Factor understands this and can assist your business, no matter the size, with the lowest downtime possible.

Risk Assessment
Any business, whether it is medical, law, transportation or accounting, requires the ability to ensure that their network and data is secure as possible. One way to review your entire system is by completing a risk assessment. This is an in-depth review of how secure your computer systems and policies are to know where your lacking and what is required to repair it.
Disaster Recovery Planning
Disaster is always a possibility in today's world. Nobody thinks that their office will ever flood, catch fire or be broken into. Do you know what to do when disaster strikes? Let IT Factor create a full plan that will allow you to follow a step by step guide to get back to normal business operation.
Remote Managed Services

Allow IT Factor to manage and maintain your entire computer system remotely. We will ensure that all systems are fully operational and running at optimum performance. You can enjoy this service for a monthly cost as compare to a "Per Service" style of repair. We offer this service to any location in the USA.