Our Home Services:

Thank you for you're interest in our services for you're personal computing systems! We offer many services to our customers. Most services are performed at a location of you're choosing, whether it is at you're home, you're work, or just to meet you to pickup the device. Our technicians are certified professionals ready to service you with the highest level of quality put into their work. As a BBB (Better Business Bureau) member with an A+ rating, put your faith in us to perform the job right the first time. We offer to you FREE estimates for you're repairs, so that you know what the problem is, what it will take to fix it, and the cost of the repairs.


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Services Provided:

Computer Repair

We understand that computers are becoming a very important tool to everyday life, whether it is checking e-mail, working from home or just general use. When technology isn't working properly, you're world turns upside down! Let us repair any and all problems you have with your computer! With FREE estimates by one of our certified technicians, we can easily correct the problems you have at the lowest possible rates!


Is you're computer running slower than normal? Internet is not working at the speeds you are paying for? Let us supercharge you're computer with a flat rate tune-up service!

Upgrade Assistance

Have you purchased a new computer and would like you're programs and settings transferred? We are the only company in El Paso with the ability to move all software and documents to your new computer without losing any settings!

Interested in just upgrading you're current computer? We can assist you in purchasing the right parts to speed up and improve you're current hardware.

Virus Removal

Contrary to popular belief, the Norton, McAfee and Kaspersky softwares can't handle most viruses and malware. Let us provide you with a true antivirus solution with no yearly fees! We can remove all forms of Virus/Malware/Spyware. Don't let your system go infected for too long!

Peripheral Support

Problems with you're Printer/Scanner? Other computing device? We support all minor and major computer addon devices!

Computer Networking

Let us properly setup and secure you're entire computer networking system. We will ensure that you're private data stays private! Trouble with WiFi in cetain locations in you're home? Let us increase your wireless coverage with signal boosters!

Cell Phone/Tablet Repair

Cellular phones have become fragile with todays digitizer (touch) screens. Screens crack, buttons stop functioning and you are left wondering if you should trash it. STOP! We can repair most major issues with cellular phones and tablets (iPad/Samsung/Etc.) including cracked screens, bad batteries or broken buttons.