Managed Support Provider

  • Unlimited Hardware Repair.
  • Complete Network Security and Coverage.
  • Cable Management Included!
  • Peace of Mind Guarantee!
  • ...

Are Managed Services Right for my Organization?
IT Factor's Managed Services is an All Inclusive managment plan to help your business function at its highest level. Any business can benefit from our Manage Services because we take the worry out of your computer management. IT Factor will ensure that your computer systems are always functioning at their peak ability, are virus/spyware free, and as secure as possible. With these services, we attempt to Prevent technical problems before they occur. No company can truly guarantee "100% UPTIME", it is theoretically impossible. Even with the best preventative maintenance, you can still face serious hardware issues, brand new virus infections, or software failure.

What is Covered in the Managed Services?
With a Managed Service Contract, we will cover:

Servers: Desktops Network
  • Keep Microsoft Updates Current
  • Monitor Event Logs and Repair Errors
  • Hard Drive Monitoring
  • SQL Server Management and Maintenance
  • WINS/Active Directory Replication
  • Defragment and Disk Checks
  • Install Software Updates (EMR/Other)
  • Maintain Group Policies
  • Setup Folder Redirection and Security
  • Ensure Backups are Current (Daily)
  • Notify of Performance Impacting Conditions
  • Ensure Microsoft Updates Current
  • Montor Event Logs and Repair Errors
  • Hard Drive Monitoring
  • Daily Virus Scans and Definition Updates
  • PC Cleanups and Reformats
  • Defragment and Disk Checks
  • Verify Proper Configurations of Software
  • Ensure Printing/Scanning Functionality
  • Monitor Users for "Non-Productive" Activity
  • User Education and Training
  • Bi-Annual PC Cleaning (Internal Dusting)
  • Router Reconfiguration and Optimization
  • Port Security and Protection
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Network Map Creation and Inventory
  • Router Logs Checked Daily
  • Remote Management
  • Bandwidth Monitoring and Upgrade Planning
  • Ensure Proper Network Configuration
  • Wifi Security and Authentication
  • Ensure Internet Connectivity Reliability
  • Internet Failover (Where Required)

Online Ticketing and Inventory Control System.
IT Factor will provide your office with a full ticket creation system. This system will allow one user, or multiple users, to create tickets on an interactive portal system that will alert our technicians to your service needs. This will help IT Factor provide you faster remote services, as well as the ability to store all past tickets to your account so that you may see what steps were taken to resolve the problem. With this software, IT Factor can also keep a full inventory of computers to include:

  • Computer Specifications
  • Installed Softwares and Licenses
  • Full Network Map (Location of all devices and computers)
  • Event Log Tracking
  • Printer Toner and Ink Levels and Alerts


Disaster Recovery Planning.
With any computer system, the chances of a disaster are greater than one imagines. IT Factor will help you create a Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure that when disaster does strike, IT Factor will be ready with the perfect solution to assist in getting your office back up and running. Once these recovery plans are created, IT Factor will test them on a monthly basis in a virtual environment to ensure their functionality. Some examples of severe disasters are:

  • Hard Drive Failure
  • Employee Retaliation (Illegal damage to data, hardware, or software)
  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Burglary
  • Server Failure
  • RansomWare (Forced Encryption of Files to Extort Money)