Business Services:

Thank you for your interest in our services for your business computer network. We understand that your computer system is the life blood of your business and you rely heavily on it to be functioning properly. This is why we have dedicated years of study and effort to become a top rated IT company! We try to guarantee same-day service, minimal downtime, and fully secured computer networks to protect your data. Now with the addition of becoming an MSP (Managed Service Provider), we have options for complete security, maintenance, and unlimited on-site support. As a BBB (Better Business Bureau) Member, with no history of complaints and a high satisfaction rating, you can put your trust in our company to give you expert service, courteous technicians, and prompt services.


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Services Provided:

Windows Server Support

Your Server is the most important piece of technology in your business system. IT Factor will ensure that your server is configured properly to run at its intended performance levels. We will ensure all data is secure and backed up on a daily basis, that all hardware is running properly and your network is configured correctly at all times.

Full Managed Support

The world of IT Computing changes every day and IT Factor understands that the way support is given has to change as well. With our "Full Managed Service" plan, we will ensure that every computer is running properly, anti-virus is applied to all computers, full network security is established, an E-Ticket system to track support, and a truly UNLIMITED support. No longer will you need to pay "Per Service"! Schedule an appointment with us today to get a FREE On-Site evaluation of your systems to see how we can make your computers work for you!

Electronic Medical Records

IT Factor currently manages over 60 Physician Offices, each with it's own EMR/EHR system. We strive in being the premiere Electronic Medical Records specialists in our area. If you are considering implementing, upgrading or changing EMR systems, look no further! Here are only some of the systems we have abundant experience in:

Athena Health
Alta Point
Amazing Charts
eClinical Works
Practice Fusion
Practice Partner


Web Design/SEO

Allow IT Factor to increase your business visibility by constructing a professional website! Statistics show that 65% of the population looks for companies through major search engines. From sites we have created, we typically see an increase of 25%-50% of business for our clients! Not only can we help you reach out to your customers better, we can speed up the processes of your office by allowing users to pre-fill out forms, contact your electronically, and read about your services online as compared to calling directly.

Using the latest SEO technology, we can help get your webpage to the top of most search engines! Building better site-maps, constant change refreshes to major search engines, and keyword ranking allows us to make sure you get the most business directed towards your company and not your competitors

Graphic Design

Your company Logo is your "Brand". Make sure that you have a logo that people will learn, recognize and appreciate. Whether it is simplistic or complex, IT Factor has a Full Time Graphic Designer ready to work for you! We also specialize in Photography for advertising, your webpage, or any other reason you might have!

Security Analytics

There are many threats to your computer system in today's society. Most companies don't realize that their systems can be comprimised easily fom viruses, hackers or even an ex-employee! IT Factor will perform a "Security Evaluation" to see how vulnerable your network is. The most common attacks on a business are hackers using port vulnerabilities, trojan softwares, and brute-force attacks.

We will ensure that your network is Locked-Down completely from outside attacks, encrypt your computer systems from data sniffers and ensure you have the proper hardware firewalls required.