Remote Repair Services

As the only computer repair company in El Paso to offer live technician chats and remote repair services, we would like to explain the process, security of and payment processing.


The process all starts by visiting our main webpage. You will see a “Chat” bubble appear at the bottom of your screen. Click on that button and it will open a new window where you will input your information (Name, Email and description of your problem).

Once you complete this you will be placed into the queue for a technician. A technician will be with you promptly and will discuss your problem with you to get an idea of what is wrong. If we cannot give you an evaluated estimate at that point, we will setup a remote support session to check the problem on your PC and give you an estimated price then.

Repair services will then be performed through a remote session and verified by the customer as being repaired. Once repairs are completed, your payment will be processed and a receipt will be e-mailed to you. All services have 10 day warranty and if the problem persists, we will schedule a pickup and repair free of charge.


It is understanding that people can become concerned about allowing someone to take full control of their computer or to take their credit card information over the internet, but rest assured that IT Factor has your personal security as our top priority.

Some features that we pride ourselves on are:

  • Technician chat and remote access software are protected with SSL security.
  • Upon completion of repair job, secure session and software is removed from the PC and session is terminated from our servers.
  • We use one of the most secure credit card processors in the US (Worldpay).
  • All credit card data is securely erased from our systems after completion of a repair using DoD (Department of Defense) wipe of chat and log files.
  • No files are loaded or retrieved from your PC unless required, of which permission is asked prior to any transfer being performed.
  • All remote control sessions and chat logs are recorded and reviewed by the head supervisor to ensure the job was completed correctly, in a timely fashion and meets our standards for security.


Upon accepting the estimate and agreeing to remote support, you will be asked for your credit card information. We currently accept all major credit cards and will require the following information:

  1. Credit Card Number
  2. Expiration Date
  3. CCV Code (3 or 4 Digit Code)
  4. Zip Code card is registered to

Once we receive your information, we will charge your credit card for $1.00  to verify that it is a valid credit card. Once validated, we will void the transaction immediately to ensure it does not charge your account.

Once the repair is complete, your card will be charged for the amount discussed during the evaluation and a receipt will be sent to your e-mail that was specified during the technician chat. If the problem persists, we will pickup your PC and diagnose it further at our offices. If we can’t resolve the issue by basic means, we will perform additional services at no additional charges. If we are still unable to repair it, the computer will be returned to you and you will receive a complete refund.

IT Factor strives to be the best computer repair company in El Paso and we have never run into a problem that we could not repair. From simple virus removals to creating advanced networks, IT Factor can do it all! We appreciate your business and hope to make you a completely satisfied customer!


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