Parental Website Blocking

The Internet. It is the largest data bank of information that has ever been created. There are over 644 MILLION websites on the internet today where you can find almost any information! All of this power at your finger tips giving you the ability to just type a question and find the answer you are looking for. But as with anything, there is always a dark side to it.

As most parents are aware, the internet has become a requirement for their children. It helps vastly with research, finding images for projects and even performing tests required by their school. Now the question becomes “What is wrong with letting my children use the internet unsupervised”.  Though the internet is great for information, it is also an uncensored hosting location for websites that parents would hate to see their children browsing to or seeing. Some examples include:

  • Pornography
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Dating/Chatting
  • Hate/Discrimination
  • Illegal file sharing
  • Gambling
  • Weapons

So what can parents do to prevent their children from having access to this information? There are companies out there that sell products that can perform this, whether it is a software or a hardware device. Granted, these products usually do their jobs, they always require updates and patches in order to continuously work properly. IT Factor has a much better solution to this issue and better yet IT IS FREE!


OpenDNS is a free internet based service that you can sign up for to protect your home network from accessing bad websites. You can choose from 4 pre-defined levels of protection (minimal, low, moderate and high) or you can choose a custom selection of websites by selecting what genres of websites you would like to block. Here is a sample image of their dashboard:

customEven if you just want to block one specific website, there is an option to block individual websites if you prefer that.

The installation of  this software does require some basic knowledge of networking and access to your router’s web configuration section. If you do not feel comfortable performing these tasks on your own, IT Factor can assist with the setup of this for a minimal cost and we can configure this remotely using our remote access software.

If you are interested in having us install this software for you, go to our home site and enter the technician chat, call, or e-mail us to perform this or setup an appointment time.

Remember that this is not meant to be a simple replacement for your children’s protection. Always teach your children the proper use of the internet and what items to avoid to ensure they are always  protected, even away from your now protected home network.



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